We offer a myriad of business development services to our members (and in some cases, non-members) to help them grow their business in Cambodia. These services include: Market Studies, Business Partner Research and Trade Missions. You can find out more about what these services entail below:



We are capable of acquiring sector-specific information based upon the interests of your company through the use of market surveys. We have regularly been able to share our most relevant knowledge and data-gathering activities with our members and connections. This includes useful information like the size of the existing market, key players within the industry as well as recent trends and opportunities to be found within the sector. 


We are also able to answer specific research questions posed to us by engaging in market analysis. Our market analysis involves:

  • Mission scoping with the client so that we can fully understand the nature of your business, the products or services that you offer, and the precise information that you hope to obtain through the Market Analysis.
  • Forming a research plan. Our team puts together a detailed plan which will enable us to acquire the required information. Research methods may include press reviews, public documents, contact with our members and public sector connections, or physical site visits. We finalize the proposal with the client, incorporating any suggestions that you may provide.
  • Implementation of the plan. We carry out the approved research plan and provide a clear and detailed report presenting the information obtained. We will be happy to answer any questions or to agree upon additional research activities if necessary.

TESTIMONIAL: “We learned more in in 4 months than in 4 years”

We at Volvo were impressed with the level of service provided by the European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia as we seek to grow our business in the country. Their market research services were of a very high quality - we were very satisfied in particular with EuroCham's ability to reach out to their broad networks to gain actionable data and insights into a complex industry. EuroCham also provided valuable support during our subsequent follow-up trip to Cambodia, helping us to identify opportunities and gain access to high-level decision-makers. EuroCham staff demonstrated a strong understanding of our needs, were highly organized, and acted at all times with diligence and professionalism. I would be happy to recommend their services to any companies seeking support in Cambodia

Mr. Jerome Texier, General Manager (Cambodia & Myanmar), Volvo Group Thailand


Where we are able to identify potential areas of synergy between our members and/or other businesses with an interest in Cambodia, we will happily make an initial introduction so that these opportunities can be discussed further. If you are in need of local business partners (eg. investment partners, distributors, importers or suppliers) we will scan our network for suitable prospects and provide a detailed list with contact details. This list will include the names of the individuals or companies identified as prospective business partners as well as their essential contact details (office address, website, telephone number, email address).


Companies or organisations interested in conducting a trade mission to Cambodia are welcome to contact us for our assistance. We are well-placed to find useful prospective partners to meet with, as well as to assist with the logistical aspects of the trip. Specifically, we make use of our extensive business network in Cambodia to identify companies that it may be worthwhile for you to meet with. We then contact these companies in order to introduce your business, to explain the nature of your products and services and the type of collaboration you are seeking in Cambodia. Having secured the commitment of the prospective partner to meet with you, we make all arrangements for your visit (scheduling, transportation, accommodation etc.) and accompany you on the trip as facilitator, providing translation services where necessary.

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