ARISE+ Cambodia and EuroCham are proud to launch an 8-event “SME Export Talk” series.  

Roughly once per quarter, ARISE+ and EuroCham will host an event that shares topics of relevance to Cambodia’s SMEs and exporting companies. The primary objective is to raise awareness of issues and offer tips that can support companies based in Cambodia to improve their business and export performance.   

Event 1: “Social Media for SMEs” 

The first event aims to familiarise SMEs and companies with the vast potential to grow their businesses, brands, and sales via social media. Topics such as online presence, digital marketing, and social media profile do’s and don’ts should be considered. Ideally, a small focus of the event should be on how to utilise social media to promote their brands, products, and businesses abroad. Have a look at the brochure and recording session of our webinar below:

Event 2: “Standards & Certifications for Export” 

The purpose of this second event is to introduce companies to the world of standards and certificates. We aim to introduce organisations to the types of certification they should be considering for their products, our experts will discuss the challenges many SMEs face when obtaining them. Most important, we will discuss the advantages that can be obtained once you start to obtain international standards and certifications. Indeed, for many companies, it is the first step towards international exports.   

Event 3: “Logistics Providers for Export” 

The third event aims to familiarise companies with key features to look out for when selecting a logistics provider, and when beginning to export. With experts from the field of export logistics, you will learn how to choose a freight forwarder suitable to your product, the challenges an SME may face, and tips to streamline the export process. The discussion will provide both an academic overview of the topic, as well as real-world examples of firms exporting using third-party logistics (3PL) providers.


Event 4: “Food Safety for Export” 

The fourth event aims to familiarise companies working in food production, processing, and logistics with the topic of Food Safety, and how to relate to exports. Our expert speakers will discuss the key food safety certifications and standards available, and how to get them. We’ll hear from a food safety auditor, a laboratory, and a company that has been through such food safety audits. Finally, we’ll learn how applying crucial food safety standards allow SMEs to access foreign export markets.


Event 5: “E-Commerce for Export” 

The fifth event aims to familiarise companies throughout Cambodia with the E-commerce platforms available to them, both to access the domestic market, as well as the international export markets. Our expert speakers will discuss the latest updates on the implementation of Cambodia’s E-Commerce Law (promulgated on November 2, 2019), and what it means for companies seeking to sell goods online as well as guides for SMEs to prepare and get started on the E-Commerce journey


Event 6: “SME Need to Know: Certificate of Origin (CO) & FTAs” 

The sixth event aims to familiarise companies with the Certificate of Origin – what it is, why it is important, and how to get it. A Ministry of Commerce representative will provide an overview of Cambodia’s key FTAs, and why SMEs should be aware of them. Then, our expert speakers will discuss the relevance of obtaining a CO, a key determinant to taking effective advantage of Cambodia’s recently signed FTAs. Finally, we will hear from a successful SME about the different steps of obtaining a CO, and how is this document used to access foreign export markets.