Confluences to Announce Distribution Partnerships in Cambodia with Three Leading International Construction Brands

Confluences, business growth catalyst in Cambodia and ASEAN, is extremely pleased to announce new distribution agreements with industry and construction market leaders Romus, Clestra Hauserman, and Shades Asia.

Over the years, Confluences has developed strong partnerships with a number of global industry and construction market leaders such as Gerflor, and Labaronne Citaf just to name a few. It has gained the trust of professionals in Cambodia who rely on them to source their needs for high-quality, high-standard products and materials.

Romus, Clestra Hauserman and Shades Asia will be able to leverage on Confluences’ expertise and local knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in the Khmer Kingdom and across the region from market entry strategy all the way to developing and implementing long-term sales plans.

Confluences, the go-to strategic trading partner in Cambodia.

In the New Normal caused by the unprecedented pandemic situation, sourcing, procurement and trading are becoming more and more challenging for companies willing to expand internationally.

Acting as a natural gateway to the Cambodian and SEA markets, Confluences’ mission is to boost their sales in the country.

Confluences’ Trade & Procurement services include:

  • Procurement, installation, commissioning; planning, logistics, and technical supervision.
  • Sales & marketing representation; local coordination, communication and promotional activities, import and direct sales, distributors and key accounts follow up, marketing actions, etc.

With these agreements, Confluences becomes Clestra Hauserman’s and Shades Asia’s exclusive distributor in the Kingdom. Confluences also becomes one of Romus’ key commercial partners in the country.




“Our strength come not just from the international relationships that we have developed but also from our understanding of the local market and the specific needs of the industry and construction sectors here. We work on small, medium and large-scale projects, such as condos, hotels, resorts, international schools, refineries, international airports, sports complexes, offices and hospitals with the same commitment, awareness and technical expertise. All our products are compliant with the higher international standards.” 

says Maxime Ly, Head of Trading at Confluences

“I believe these agreements are an important step in continuing our business growth with long-term strategic partnerships. We are excited to broaden our portfolio of brands and products by partnering with these three leading brands. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible products for our customers and those brands have offered us the opportunity to take on a varied range of products suited to our customer base, which are not only market leading, but also fits into our long-term vision. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for all parties as a result of these great partnerships.”


"We are very excited to form this partnership with Confluences, which allows us to solidify the Clestra Hauserman brand and extend our customer reach in Cambodia, and potentially to other markets in the future. This, together with additional market opportunities that could be addressed through our collective knowledge and experience, will make for a successful, long-lasting relationship." 

Yobi Wong, General Manager at Clestra Hauserman Singapore 




“We are delighted to be working with Confluences to extend our reach in Cambodia. This market is very important to us and I am confident that Confluences is best partner to boost our presence there.”

Sébastien Mezailles, Head of Business at Shades Asia 


“Romus has been active in Cambodia for a few years. Our agreement with Confluences will strenghthen our commercial local presence . We are honored to collaborate with Confluences as our main distributor in Cambodia. And we all at Romus are excited to have the opportunity to be a partner of a great company with such experience in the Kingdom. We share a mutual goal to fulfil the potential for Romus in Cambodia and look forward to a long and successful partnership.” 

Maxime Saintagne, Export Sales Manager EEMEA at Romus 


About Shades Asia 

Since 2004 Shades Asia designs and manufactures custom-made tensile fabric structures for sun & rain protection for hospitality, international schools, residential and commercial markets the sub-Mekong area. 

More about Shades Asia

About Clestra Hauserman 

Clestra Hauserman designs, manufactures and installs prefabricated office partition systems and acoustic pods that adapt to changing needs of all his clients. In a fast-changing world, Clestra Hauserman empowers organizations to achieve future-proof growth. 

More about  Clestra Hauserman

About Romus 

Founded over 50 years ago, Romus is a French company, which offers a wide range of renovation and construction accessories.

Throughout the years, Romus has developed 4 areas of expertise, through its 4 flagship business units: ROMUS Tools, ROMUS Profiles, ROMUS Mattings, and ROMUS Access. 

More about Romus

About Confluences 

Confluences is the Catalyst for business opportunities in Cambodia and ASEAN for all companies and investors willing to boost their expansion in Southeast Asia. Inspired by our entrepreneur background, our client-partnership approach allows our clients to seamlessly expand in the Khmer Kingdom and the region through a suite of cost efficient solutions from market entry strategy, corporate and business development support to co-investment. 

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