New Executive Committee elected for EuroCham’s Beer, Wine & Spirits Committee

On 9th April 2021, as part of EuroCham’s advocacy programme, the Beer, Wine & Spirits Committee relaunched with the virtual election of a new Executive Committee.

Sincere congratulations to Mr. Geert Leeman as Chairman (Belbev Asia Co., Ltd, candidate from the Beer industry), Mr. Daren Ong as Chairman (Pernod Ricard (Cambodge) Co., Ltd.), candidate from the Wine and Spirits industry) and Mr. Marco Julia Eggert as Vice Chairman (Seekers Independent Spirits Co., Ltd.).

The Committee plans to focus on COVID-19 recovery in the sector, increasing product quality-and safety standards, combatting the grey- and illicit market, promoting responsible behaviour by consumers and responsible market practices by companies, and many other topics to improve the business- and consumer’s environment in Cambodia.

We look forward to working with you!

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