Nexus' 2019 Annual Report / Financing Climate Action in Asia

Nexus' 2019 Annual Report / Financing Climate Action in Asia
Nexus' 2019 Annual Report / USD 2M+ unlocked for projects in Southeast Asia

Amidst new global challenges, 2020 is crucial to accelerate climate actions to achieve the Paris agreement targets. Stakeholders at all levels are setting up new encouraging measures to support changes towards lower carbon emission solutions and impact investments around the world. After a couple of years of uncertainty, the carbon market and especially the voluntary market has seen increased activity in 2018 and in 2019. The impact investing industry achieved some key milestones in 2019, defining its core characteristics and stepping up its efforts to make impact management & measurement more accessible to all investors.

With trillions needed to close the financial gap, and the effects of climate change being felt increasingly in Asia, mobilizing finance and mitigating risks for investors will be as important as supporting local communities developing resilient programs to prepare them for the future. Our focus will remain on increasing access to clean water and sustainable energy for the most vulnerable populations in Asia, especially women and children.

With over USD 2M unlocked, through carbon credits sales and impact investments, the social enterprises we supported reached half a million new beneficiaries in 2019. They reduced over 700,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions and produced 167M kWh of clean energy and over 2bn liters of clean water.

To grow this impact, we will continue to collaborate with our partners across the region to build innovative financial models that bridge the gap between investors and implementers to facilitate their economic growth and increase their reach. We will also provide continued support to local actors and communities to raise awareness and enable solutions to be implemented.

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