With the COVID-19 situation continuing to impact Cambodia, EuroCham will be regularly disseminating the official announcements from the Royal Government to ensure our network is updated as efficiently as possible.

Due to the significant number of incoming announcements, we are unable to translate these in full so please refer to our summaries below and the attached official notices in Khmer.

Official Announcements: 05 - 12 June

(English summaries provided by EuroCham Cambodia, subject to corrections by relevant authorities)
1. Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat COVID-19 Announcement on COVID-19 Diagnostic Fees for Foreigners Coming to Cambodia
On 11 June, Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat COVID-19 issued an announcement stating the COVID-19 diagnostics fees at public hospitals for foreigners coming to Cambodia. A foreigner shall have at least $50,000 of insurance coverage and​ at least $3,000 deposit​ of cash or debit card to cover the health measurements.
As stated in the announcement, foreigners shall pay $5 transport fee per trip from airport to the waiting center for testing, $100 for a COVID-19 test, $30 a day for the stay at hotel or at the waiting center, and $30 a day for three meals until the test result are available. If one passenger is found positive, all other passengers will be required to undertake 14 days quarantine in an assigned place, and additional fees will be applied, such as for laundry, cleaning services, doctors, and security services during their stay.
A positive patient is required to take at least 4 COVID-19 tests, additional fees such as COVID-19 treatment, emergency medical service, treatment of other illness will be applied. Furthermore, the announcement also mentioned cremation fee of $1500 per person. A health certificate on COVID-19 costs $130 (100 dollars for a test and 30 dollars for the certificate). This announcement is effective after the date of signature (11 June 2020).

2. Royal Government Sub-Decree on Provisional Penalties on Violations of the Law on Accounting and Auditing
On 02 June, the Royal Government issued Sub-Decree No. 79 to determine the provisional penalty fees for violations of the Law on Accounting and Auditing.  

***Attached with Unofficial Translation Provided by EuroCham Cambodia ***

3. Ministry of Tourism Notification on the Implementation of the Royal Government’s Additional Measures on the Exemption of Renewal Fees for All Types of Tourism Licenses for 2021
On 8 June, the Ministry of Tourism issued a notification to the tourism industry association and owners of tourism businesses on the exemption of renewal fees for all types of tourism licenses for the year 2021 as follows:

  1. Exemption of all types of tourism license fees for 2021 for a valid tourism license. Tourism businesses are still obliged to apply for tourism licenses from the Ministry of Tourism, municipal and provincial administration, or district, commune administration during this exemption period.
  2. Tourism businesses are required pay tourism licence fees for new or to renew licenses in 2020 or for requesting a new tourism licence in 2021.
  3. Maintain​ a public service fee for all types of tourism rating services
  4. Maintain the implementation of monetary penalties for tourism businesses whose licenses are expired and those who commit offences in the Inter-Ministerial Prakas on the Public Services Provision and Monetary Penalty by the Ministry of Tourism issued on 17 February 2020. However, the payment of public service fee for tourism license renewal for 2021 is still exempted.
  5. Exemption of all types of tourism license renewal fees will be implemented from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2021.

4. General Department of Taxation Guide for the Management System for Online Tax Declaration
On 01 June, the General Department of Taxation released a guide for the management system of the monthly tax declaration through the online platform (E-filing). The guidebook shows the processes of registering on the online platform and different types of filing such as monthly reports, withholding tax declaration, salary tax declaration, monthly tax declaration.

5. Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training Notification on the Provision of Subsidised Allowances to Employees in the Garment and Tourism Sectors (round 4)
On 9 June, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training confirmed that 17,052 employees from 50 suspended enterprises and factories of the garment and tourism sectors will receive a message from Wing Specialized Bank about the subsidised allowance. Employees can withdraw the allowance at any branch of the nearest Wing agents by bringing their Khmer ID card and phone number. There will be no service fee required for the withdrawal.

6. State Secretariat of Civil Aviation Request to Arrange Counters for ACLEDA Bank and Canadia Bank at Arrival Terminal of Phnom Penh International Airport
On 11 June, the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation informed Cambodia Airports that the Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a requirement for foreign passengers to deposit $3,000 upon their arrival at the Phnom Penh International Airport to cover quarantine and healthcare costs. Accordingly, Cambodia Airports is requested to arrange counters for ACLEDA Bank and Canadia Bank at the Arrival Terminal of Phnom Penh International Airport.

7. State Secretariat of Civil Aviation Update on the Latest Travel Restrictions of the Royal Government
On 9 June, the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation updated the latest travel restrictions issued by the Royal Government of Cambodia in relation to COVID-19. This included the announcement of the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Combat COVID-19, the latest revised measures for prevention, containment, and response to the spread of COVID-19, and other necessary requirements for all travellers to Cambodia.

8. Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training Notification on the Schedule for Minimum Wage Negotiations in Textile, Garment and Footwear Sectors for 2021

On 10 June, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training notified the public, employees, employers and professional organisations about the schedule for negotiating the minimum wage for the textile, garment and footwear sector for the year 2021 as follows:  

  • The internal discussions on minimum wage of each stakeholder will take place in July 2020.  
  • The start of bilateral and trilateral minimum wage discussions will take place in August 2020.
  • The meeting of National Council on Minimum Wage to decide the wage for the sectors will take place in September 2020.  
  • The 2021 minimum wage will be effective on 1 January 2021.  

9. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Permits Entrance Examinations and End of Year Examinations to Take Place Online  
On 08 June, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport issued a letter to the directors of educational institutions that the Ministry had permitted both public and private higher educational institutions to organise entrance examinations and end of year examinations online. The Ministry permits online examinations to ensure the momentum of teaching and studying and maintain quality and sustainability during COVID-19.





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