With the COVID-19 situation rapidly escalating and the circumstances changing everyday in Cambodia, EuroCham will be regularly disseminating the official announcements from the Royal Government to ensure our network is updated as efficiently as possible. 

Due to the significant number of incoming announcements, we are unable to translate these in full so please refer to our summaries below and the attached official notices in Khmer. We are expecting more decisions in the coming days.

Official Announcements: 03 - 07 April

(English summaries provided by EuroCham Cambodia, subject to corrections by relevant authorities)

Unofficial Summary of the Prime Minister’s Address – 7 April

  • Khmer New Year will be suspended/postponed: the public sector, institutions and private sector will work as usual, the Royal Government will compensate workers with 5 days of public holidays when it is an appropriate time. The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training has issued Notification No. 012/20 on Postponement of Khmer New Year Holiday 2020.
  • The Royal Government has not yet issued any laws or regulations to restrict the travel or put curfew in place, instead the Royal Government requests that people reduce unnecessary travel. 
  • The possibility of declaring a State of Emergency has reduced, though this will continue to depend on the situation. The Law on a State of Emergency states that it shall not exceed 3 months if implemented and can be extended for the same period. The Law is expected to be passed after 13-16 April.
  • There will be no closure of pagodas, temples or religious places, factories, restaurants, coffee or other shops.
  • Exports of fish, rice and paddy rice are suspended to ensure the domestic supply. This period is an opportunity for the agriculture sector to grow while the industry and tourism sector are affected. The industrial sectors that produce medical and food are not impacted.
  • For factories that have been impacted, the Royal Government will pay $40 and factories will pay $30 to employees whose jobs have been suspended, without requiring employees to attend training.
  • The Prime Minister reiterated his request to the private sector to reduce rental fees or defer repayments without seizing property or implementing fines.

1. Ministry of Economy and Finance Decision No. 028 on Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Working Group to Plan Monetary and Banking Measures to Manage the Impact of Covid-19 and the Withdrawal of “Everything but Arms (EBA)”

On 03 April, the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued decision No. 028 to establish a working group to study and plan monetary and banking measures, named the “Multidisciplinary Working Group”, which will be co-chaired by representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Bank of Cambodia. The aim of this working group is to support the Committee on Economic and Financial Policy to design and implement measures to manage the impact of Covid-19 and EBA withdrawal. This working group may invite officials from ministries, institutions, organisations, development partners, private sector representatives, and other relevant counterparts to participate in their meeting if necessary.

2. Ministry of Economy and Finance Decision No. 024 on Establishment of a Task Force to Control Supply and Prices of Strategic Goods During the Fight Against Covid-19.

On 03 April, the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued decision No. 024 on the establishment of a task force to control supply and prices of strategic goods during the fight against Covid-19. This will determine the types of strategic goods that are deemed essential for daily consumption during the Covid-19 situation for instance: rice, salt, vegetable, fish, meat, mask, cleaning alcohol, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. This task force will monitor the daily demand and supply of such strategic goods and guarantee sustainability without any interruptions. This task force will also check quality and ensure appropriate pricing and avoid dramatic price increases.

3. Ministry of Economy and Finance Decision No. 027 on Establishment of a Task Force to Plan for Budget Policy on​ Financing and Social Assistance in Controlling the Fight Against Covid-19

On 03 April, the Ministry of Economy and Finance issued a decision No. 027 to establish a task force responsible for planning the budget policy on financing and social assistance. The task force will study and determine the required budget to fight against Covid-19 based on three priorities: preventing Covid-19 outbreak, stabilise livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people, and recover and stabilise businesses. This task force will also seek to mobilise the financing from abroad as much as possible such as budget support, and technical support from development partners through bilateral and multilateral framework agreements. 

4. Ministry of Health Instruction on Preventive Measures of COVID-19 Transmission for Vehicle Transportation Owners and Passengers of Common Transport Vehicles

On 5 April, the Ministry of Health issued an instruction to passengers and vehicle owners (Buses and Mini Buses) that carry more than 10 passengers. The owners are instructed to regularly clean their vehicles and provide alcohol gel to passengers who are encouraged to wear masks. The drivers must temporarily stop driving if they have symptoms of a cold.

5. Ministry of Tourism Letter No. 168 on Temporary Suspending all Massage, Spa and Wellness Businesses

On 07 April, following an inter-ministerial committee meeting, the Ministry of Tourism issued letter No. 168 to city and provincial governors to temporarily suspend all massage, spa and wellness businesses from 07 April 2020 until further notice. 

6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Instruction to Automatically Extend Tourist Visas for Arrivals after 1 January 2020

On 3 April, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued a letter to inform all diplomatic and consular missions that due to Covid-19, the Kingdom of Cambodia will grant automatic tourist visa extensions for some foreign tourists that arrived in Cambodia after 1 January 2020 and will exempt visa overstay fines until they are able to depart.

7. Ministry of Interior Instruction on Measures to Ensure Stability, Security, Public Order and Social Safety during Khmer New Year 2020

On 3 April, the Ministry of Interior’s General Commissariat of National Police instructed all technical departments/institutions under its supervision and all municipal and provincial police stations to plan and implement measures to maintain stability and security during the coming Khmer New Year period (13 – 16 April).

8. Ministry of Health Instruction on Preventive Measures Against Covid-19 at Barbers, Beauty Shops and Other Related Services

On 05 April, the Ministry of Health instructed the public to minimise their use of certain services such as hairdressers, nail and beauty salons and other similar services. If it is not possible to avoid this, the public is instructed to protect themselves by following the Ministry’s measures of wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining physical distance, avoiding close communication and other practices.

9. Ministry of Commerce Notification to Fuel Stations or Depots that Sell Fuel for Unreasonably High Prices

On 2 April, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notification to warn all fuel station and depot owners who sell fuel for unreasonably high prices or misrepresent the quality or quantity of fuel, that the Ministry will take action by enforcing transitional fines, suspending business operations or submitting a complaint to the court.

10. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Letter No. 1890 on Temporary Suspending all Sports Activities and Exercises which Require Gathering in Public and at Private Sport Clubs 

On 07 April, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport issued Letter No. 1890 to temporarily suspend all sports activities and exercises which require gathering in public and private sport clubs from 07 April 2020 until further notice. 

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