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ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management systems

ISO 22000:2018 specifies requirements for a food safety management system (FSMS) to enable an organization that is directly or indirectly involved in the food chain: To plan, implement, operate, maintain and update a FSMS/FSSC providing products and services that are safe, in accordance with their intended use.

ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management systems Used by organizations across the food chain to help deliver food that’s safe to eat to consumers, ISO 22000:2018 is an excellent framework to help implement a food safety management system (FSMS). How food is grown, transported, manufactured and even consumed has changed significantly since the original standard was published over a decade ago. The new standard considers these changes and aims to help organizations reduce food safety hazards.

Why ISO Certification Body?

ISO certification Body ( ISB-K2A) believes the world deserves food that is safe, sustainable and socially responsible. We support the food sector by providing third party food safety audit to companies in Cambodia,

Working in Cambodia, we pride ourselves on the expertise, integrity and professionalism of our people. Our mission is to help our Cambodian clients, ranging from high-profile global brands to small local companies, survive and prosper in today’s world and achieve food safety Certification.


The core of our business is the knowledge that we create and impart to our clients. In the standards arena we continue to build our reputation as an expert certification body, bringing together experts from industry to shape standards at local, regional and international levels.


Independent assessment of the conformity of a process or product to a particular standard ensures that our clients perform to a high level of excellence. We train our clients in world-class implementation and auditing techniques to ensure they maximize the benefits of standards.

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