Notification on Enterprise Information Update

With reference to the Law on Taxation and Prakas No. 1139 SHV. PK dated 9th October 2014 on Tax registration, the General Department of Taxation (GDT) has issued a notification which invites all companies and enterprises under the authority of the Department of Large Taxpayer and who registered at the tax department before November 1st 2014, to update their company's information. 

The updating process shall be completed by November 15th, 2015.
In case of not fulfilling of the obligation upon the deadline, the GDT may enforce the following measures:

- Invalidation of the VAT certificate registered prior to 1st November 2014 (VAT certificate - old system);
- Not allowing to request the input tax credit or the VAT refund;
- Asking for cooperation with the Council for the Development of Cambodia to postpone the request to import raw materials, machinery and equipment;
- Asking for cooperation with General Department of Customs and Excise to cease import-export;
- Other measures by law.

 For further information please check the related unofficial translation in English and in Khmer shared by CAMFEBA.

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