The Notification No.024/18: Ministry appeals to the employers to release the payroll before the Election of the Nation Assembly

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MoLVT) would like to inform the owners and directors of all establishments under the scope of Labour Law that in order to provide the convenience for employee/worker to participate in the election of the sixth legislature on 29th July 2018, the owners and directors of all establishments shall prepare to release the payroll for employee/worker before 27th July 2018. If it is not possible to arrange the payroll on time, please allow workers to advance at least 50% of their salary before 27th July 2018.

The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training strongly hopes that all the factories, enterprises and establishments will participate in the implementation of this announcement effectively. 

For more information, please check the official announcement here and the English version (Unofficial translation by CAMFEBA)

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