NSSF Notification 30/18 - Personal Health Problems

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has the honor to announce to the public, owners or directors of enterprises/establishments and all employees that every physical situation of workers/employees that is weak, dizzy, exhausted, palpitations, trouble anxious, generalize anxiety disorder which resulting from hypoglycemia or lack of ionic substances such as hypocalcemia, hyponatremia, hypokalcemia, hypomagnesemia, which generally employers or workers/employees recognize as Individual unconscious status in the workplace and working hours; and therefore considered this as the work incident.

From 01st June 2018 onward, every personal situation of workers/employees that has mentioned above, NSSF considers as personal health problems that is not resulting from work or environmental work. Therefore, all workers/employees shall gain medical treatment and medical care service under the health care scheme.

In case of unconscious of many workers/employees or successive unconscious in the enterprise/establishment which resulting from the environment inside or outside the enterprise/establishment or panic-stricken successively. NSSF considers as work incident and shall gain medical treatment medical care under the social scheme of work incident.

The employers or directors of enterprises/establishments have obligation to send their workers/employees to get primary rescue at infirmary in their enterprises/establishments or to the health facilities which have entered into agreement with NSSF.

As mentioned above,, all employers or directors of enterprises/establishments and all workers/employees may take note and follow this notification effectively.

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