MoLVT Announcement 21 - The Sixth National Election

MoLVT Announcement 21 - The Sixth National Election

According to the appeal No. 961 គ.ជ.ប dated on 12nd June, 2018, of the National Election Committee, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training is pleased to inform the owners of factories, enterprises and establishments that to provide convenience and facilitate for their employees and workers to participate in the Election of the Nation Assembly for Sixth Mandate that will be held on Sunday 29th July 2018. The owners of factories, enterprises and establishments shall allow their employees and workers to take 3 days off from 28th to 30th July 2018 by keeping wages and bonuses for regular work as normal. 

The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training strongly hopes that all the factories, enterprises and establishments will participate in the implementation of this this announcement effectively.

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