Digital on the Rise in Cambodia



Following regional and global trends, Cambodian businesses are investing into becoming digital more than ever before, hoping to unlock the great potential this booming space can bring. Maximizing the digital opportunity, however, requires dedication to a digital-first approach, and a commitment to foster fresh local talent in order to spark a new generation of digital entrepreneurs and tech businesses.

To meet a growing interest in Cambodian digital content, companies and organizations in the digital and tech space across the country have been crafting and piloting projects to enhance growth and development in the sector. Due to the young population only just beginning to grasp the concept of digital business, these pilot projects have predominantly been in the form of ideation, incubation and mentorship.

The largest such project to date is the Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund – a 5 million USD venture
capital fund devoted to Cambodian-based digital service companies and start-ups. SADIF is flanked by
the SmartStart: Young Innovator Program, which aims to turn the most promising tech concepts from
selected Cambodian university students into actual tech enterprises. Both initiatives will certainly
contribute towards Cambodia’s digital economy in the coming years, as the landscape continues to
develop and grow according to the country’s needs.

“Smart is committed to being a pioneer and a long-term investor in the country’s ICT sector. We believe
in the young generation and want to unlock and develop their untapped ingenuity,” said Thomas Hundt,
CEO of Smart Axiata during the SmartStart launch, who sees the company as a central player in
Cambodia’s digital future."

“Smart is one of our key development partners in Cambodia’s digital journey and we appreciate their
support through initiatives like the Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund and SmartStart which provides
significant practical and financial backing for our digital pioneers”, said H.E. Tram Iv Tek, Minister of
Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia during SADIF launch.


Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (‘SADIF’) is a venture capital fund with 5 million USD to invest
in Cambodian-based, digital service companies and start-ups and aims to spur the digital ecosystem in
the country.

SmartStart is a Young Innovator Program to enable and empower young Cambodian university talents
to launch their own tech startups together with Smart. The program offers a unique learning platform,
mentorship and financial support.

Cambodia’s journey of building a digital society has been made possible with the rapid expansion of
mobile broadband availability and affordability. Smart continues to strive towards linking as many
unconnected Cambodians with the fastest and widest award-winning mobile Internet network and new
digital services as it continues to evolve into a digital lifestyle brand. Being a strong advocate of digital
innovation, Smart has launched a diverse range of value added services and digital services such as
SmartLuy, Smart Insurance, SmartPay, Smart Music and SmartNas.

SmartLuy, a mobile money service that allows mobile consumers to transfer funds and transact digitally
SmartPay, a virtual MasterCard from Smart to instantly purchase any of your favorite applications,
books, films, songs or music videos on App Store or iTunes.

Smart Insurance, a first-of- its-kind mobile insurance offered in partnership with leading international
micro-insurance provider BIMA

SmartNas, a mobile app that allows you to take control and manage your balance, subscribe to
services, top up and get more done anytime, anywhere.

Smart Music, a music streaming App which provides unlimited music streaming from both local and
international artists over 1 million songs legally.

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