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What compelled you to join EuroCham?

As a newly established training center, we needed to get ourselves known. A good way to achieve that objective was to join a network of companies and independant workers, in order for us not only to meet them, but to understand their needs and challenges. In doing so, we can adjust our services to provide the best experience and value. Eurocham provided that network, bringing a high level of quality and commitment.

What are some upcoming projects you would like to tell other EuroCham members about?

There is a lot happening here! Our new state-of-the-art university campus will open soon, which has a 4,000 student capacity and large training rooms for our professional development courses. CLPD is also launching its own Podcast channel to help provide local business insights to working professionals and business leaders. EuroCham member companies will have a chance to get their voice heard through this initiative. in addition, as part of the center we are forming a Career Development Center to help early career individuals map out a path to success and achievement.

Which past projects/accomplisments are your most proud of and why?

In just a short period of time we have managed to create a successful training center providing open and custom courses almost every week. Both individual and corporate clients are appreciative of our high quality standards and how course content is always relevant and insightful. Our clients are typically trying to scale their companies, develop their workforce, and streamline their operations. Our first open course, that happened actually only back in July, was probably the accomplishment that made us the most proud, as it was the result of months of hard work and planning. Aptly, the subject was “People Management”, and that’s what we are all about. We are in the “people” business and aim to help others learn new skills, become a leader, and achieve their goals.

Do you have any special deals or promotions to offer other EuroCham members?

Definitely. Any company that is a member of Eurocham will get a 20% reduced tuition rate for ANY of our open courses. The savings can be massive for companies wishing to regularly develop their team.

What kind of partnerships and/or links do you look for with other EuroCham members?

We want to partner with Eurocham members that put a priority on developing their greatest asset… people. We provide learning and development solutions that help companies become successful in their Cambodian business initiatives, and overcome local staff development challenges. Our center is owned by the American University of Phnom Penh so partner companies can be assured that the training their staff receive, meets international standards.

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