Member Spotlight | Narita Vespa

Narita Vespa is one of EuroCham's newest members.

Since 2012 Narita Vespa has been the official distributor of Piaggio and Vespa, the iconic Italian brands under The Piaggio Group. The iconic Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 in Italy, to a full line of scooters and one of seven companies today owned by Piaggio.

EuroCham met with Mr. Francois Lefebvre, the business development manager,  to better understand the company and some upcoming promotions and goals. Read the interview below:

What compelled you to join EuroCham?

VESPA Cambodia is growing. Now VESPA becomes a great opportunity for many to cooperate for co-branding, shared marketing campaign, providing team fleet, the prize for the lucky draw, staff party & more.

VESPA powerful international brand is looking to extend its professional network to find the relevant & win-win partnership.

What are some upcoming projects you would like to tell other EuroCham members about?

We are the official and authorized distributor of Piaggio and Vespa, the iconic Italian brands under The Piaggio Group. Narita Vespa was appointed in 2012 as the official distributor of Piaggio and Vespa, the iconic Italian brands under The Piaggio Group.

This significant distributorship appointment was established after 1975 when Vespa was recognized as the only lifestyle and premium brand by the Cambodian society.

To add to our growing line of scooters available in Cambodia, we're very excited to announce the launch of the Vespa Primavera & Sprint I-Get 125 &150cc. 


VESPA Primavera I-Get



VESPA Sprint I-Get



For those who see bigger, we have also the VESPA GTX 150 & 300cc available:




  • A good opportunity to change your scooter for the best currently available in town, to enjoy your daily ride with style.

  • For your company/business, it could be relevant for your sales team prospection, to setup packages with your own products to boost your sales, and more....

  • Also if you are tired of a traffic jam, this is the solution to save your time on the road while you keep a serious and prestigious image with your prospects & clients.

  • Finally, VESPA is also Love, what a better and original gift for your loved one?

Which past projects/accomplishments are yourmost proud of and why?

VESPA CAMBODIA is currently looking for an exclusive partner in Real Estate, Banking, Micro Finance & others.

There is many ways to cooperate with our famous, cool & international brand with co-branding marketing, cooperation on sales, improve your sales fleet, provide high class & original gift for games and lucky draw, etc

What kind of partnerships and/or links do you look for with other EuroCham members?

Win-Win Partnership:

  • Team fleets
  • Co-Branding
  • Micro finance solutions
  • Package sales (example: 1 VESPA free if you buy this property)
  • Lucky draw gifts and more


Please contact our BDM to know about this time limited opportunity:

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