Notification 012: Ministry of Public Works & Transportation allows automotive vendors to register vehicles


Notification 012, dated 07 April 2017, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation Allowing Automotive Vender to do Automotive Registration for Vender

By aiming to bring closer the public service to the citizen, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation issued a notification on the automatic registration system of vehicle by venders for their customers. Therefore, all venders (parent companies and branch and sub-branch all over the country) should be notified as below:

  1. The Ministry allow all venders to register vehicle through automatic system so that the venders can provide license and plate number to their customers at their shop. Doing so require venders to submit the application for the permission on vehicle registration to the General Department of Land Transportation.
  2. Venders must ensure that vehicle sold to customer has license with plate number, so that the vehicle can travel on the road.

  3. From 01 July 2017, all venders need to acquire permission certificate on the registration of

    vehicle and obliged to do the registration for license and plate number.

  4. Vehicle owner (customer) must request for vehicle registration at the vender’s shop. The

    registration of vehicle at the capital – provincial department of public works and transports or at

    other places is not allowable from 01 July 2017.

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