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MYTEB - IMY Trading Co. Ltd is one of EuroCham’s newest members. MYTEB is in the business of the manufacturing, importing, distribution and deployment of customized Android Tablets, Chromebooks and connected devices for education.  

Since 2013, MYTEB has been a major technology enabler for a number of partners in both the NGO and the private sector. EuroCham met with David Tan the Managing Director,  to better understand the company. Read the interview below:

What compelled you to join EuroCham? Who introduced you/ influenced you to join?

We were originally introduced to EuroCham by Mr. Anthony Galliano, from Cambodian Investment Management. We were keen to explore networking opportunities and to create more exposure for our firm in order to identify core partners and clients that we could serve with our Google-based devices and solutions.

What are your new/upcoming projects you would like to tell other EuroCham members about?

We have recently started an exciting new project, importing Google Chromebooks into Cambodia, largely for the education market. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that we are the first company to roll out Chromebooks in a big scale here in Cambodia. While they remain a relatively new device segment here, worldwide there has been huge adoption for Chromebooks, especially in schools. Statistics have shown that close to 60% of all US schools currently use Chromebooks in their classroom.

We feel that with it’s a perfect device for schools and companies here, with numerous advantages including a high level of virus protection, always free, always updated firmware, access to cloud computing and free use of Gsuite, the Office equivalent.

Do you have any special promotions or deals to offer other EuroCham members?

We are more than happy to extend all EuroCham members a 10% discount off all devices purchased directly from MYTEB itself. Members can check out our website at for the latest offerings or go to our facebook page by searching Myteb.Malaysia for the latest promotions

How are you involved in the local community? Tell us a bit about your CSR activities? How would you like to make your CSR activities more visible?

Our key belief is that technology is a key component to improving and enhancing learning for Cambodians. MYTEB regularly sponsors tech events related to improving education in Cambodia. To date, we have sponsored events such as Technovation from USAID, Barcamp by Google, STEM Cambodia and TEKHIN the tech event for educators.

We have also initiated a new CSR program in 2017.  Every quarter, we will select qualified schools and NGOs and donate tablets, Chromebooks in order for them to offer students more digital learning opportunities. We welcome any member of EuroCham to highlight needy schools or NGOs who wish to participate in our CSR initiative.

What types of partnerships and/or links do you look for with other EuroCham members?

We are always on the lookout for collaborators and partners, especially in the education space. Our emphasis is on new technologies and services that we can mutually offer our education clients so we welcome any members that might want to share ideas, resources of product offerings that can enhance education in some form or fashion.

Obviously, if there are members who require our devices, be it for customer data collection, training or even as staff incentives, we welcome any and all inquiries.



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