Institut Pasteur du Cambodge has been a EuroCham member for many years. EuroCham met with the communications manager, Anne Delobel to better understand the work the Institut Pasteur du Cambodge does. The Institute is a non-profit international research organization under the Cambodian Ministry of Health. They have a team of about 220 people and scientists working to promote access to affordable and quality health for all people in Cambodia. Read the interview below:

What is your mission at the Institut Pasteur de Cambodge?

One of our main mission is public health through the support and services we offer to the public and private companies. The public sector includes a medical laboratory, a vaccination center, and a laboratory of Environment and Food Safety. Our Medical Laboratory is in the process of being the first Cambodian medical laboratory accredited ISO 15189 by the end of 2017. It allows us to offer best-practices of international standards, quality assurance, and safety. 

Which past projects/accomplishments are your most proud of and why?

Institut Pasteur du Cambodge is proud of achievements in the fields of its three main missions. The first mission revolves around training high-level professionals in Health, Biology, and Research. We have trained teams of medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, master degrees, and Ph.D., in the last 10 years. The second is the services we offer as our rabies center has vaccinated more than 250,000 peoples, bitten by dogs over the last 15 years, saving more than 500 lives The third accomplishment is how our research results have allowed us to modify public health policies at the national and international level in Malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS treatments, and allowed better diagnosis of dengue, encephalitis, and hepatitis.

What types of partnerships and/or links do you look for with other EuroCham members?

We see partnerships in two main areas. One being in health and public health dealing with vaccinations and diagnosis. We can deal with vaccine and medical reagents suppliers, medical equipment companies. The second partnership we see is around agribusiness, tourism, accommodation and restoration sectors. The Institute offers advice and tests for microbiological and chemical quality of food and water, raw agriproducts.

What are some of your new or upcoming projects that you would like to tell other EuroCham members about?

Did you know Rabies is the most deadly disease known? In Europe, the disease disappeared thanks to vaccination and prevention. In Cambodia, there are still 800 deaths a year (including relatives of your own employees) as a result of dogs bites.

At Pasteur, we vaccinate more than 20,000 bitten people a year and save their life. In the next five years we want to carry out a huge campaign, to decrease mortality of rabies in Cambodia by two before 2020 and save 2,000 lives in five years. We plan to open two secondary Rabies vaccination centers across Cambodia. We also plan to communicate and to inform on rabies prevention across the Country with a book we write and will publish for World Rabies Day (September 28). Each person living or working in Cambodia is concerned with this plague that can be avoided.


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