German delegation's workshop on “Accelerating industrialization in Cambodia”

Bayern International, the Bavarian international investment development agency, hosted a productive workshop and Q+A session at the annual Cambodia International Machinery Industry Fair (CIMIF) on Koh Pich on Saturday 22nd August, focusing on “Accelerating industrialization in Cambodia”.

In his opening remarks, Hans-Joachim Heusler, Managing Director of Bayern International, reflected upon Bavaria’s experience of having to rebuild an economy that had been devastated by war, much as Cambodia has been doing over the past two decades. Since World War II, Bavaria has reinvented itself as a high-tech industrial hub at the center of European industry and with GDP in excess of 650bn USD. Bayern International, which is a state-owned development agency aimed at forming mutually beneficial long-term business relationships between Bavarian businesses and companies abroad, hopes to be able to share these experiences in Cambodia.

Daniel A. Gottschald of Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH elaborated upon the investment concept of the organization – there are plenty of Special Economic Zones and industrial parks to be found in the region, though not all offer the opportunities for collaborative partnership that Bavarian businesses seek. The organization builds long-term sustainable relationships with industrial park owners and management – they are not simply looking for the lowest-cost option but are looking at the long term opportunity for sustainable and mutually prosperous development. Upon initial identification of a concept for an industrial park abroad, Bayern International seek to leverage their institutional and technical expertise by conducting an 18-month feasibility assessment and detailed planning process in order to ensure that the project is economically viable and optimized to be of maximum efficiency and profitability. These processes were explained in more detail by Peter Bachschuster of Bachschuster Architecture GmbH and Hans-Dieter Riede of ENIGA GmbH, who spoke respectively about the structural planning process for new parks and ensuring sustainable development and operations.

Companies interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with the Bavarian international investment development agency are encouraged to visit the organization’s website.

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