(CAMFEBA) Prakas No. 109 on Health Care Benefit

CAMFEBA has issued an announcement on Prakas No. 109: Health Care Benefit, dated 17th March 2016.

"This Prakas has 13 articles and aims to prescribe the Health Care Benefit for person defined by the provision of the Labor Law.
According to this Prakas, there are some main points I would like to draw your attention as the followings:

To get the Medical Care Services, the workers shall fulfill the following conditions:
- Working in the enterprises/establishments registered in the National Social Security Fund for Health Care Scheme.
- Registered in the National Social Security Fund.
- Paid contribution for Health Care Scheme in a qualifying period of 2 consecutive months or at least 6 months within a period of the last 12 months until encountering the health problems or maternity.

To get the Daily Allowance, the workers shall fulfill the following conditions:
- The workers who are abstention from work because of sickness, accident, and maternity leave.
- Fulfilled the conditions as set forth in point 6.1
- Ask for leave permission from employer in a period of sickness treatment
- Paid contribution at least in a qualifying period of 9 consecutive months for maternity leave.

The NSSF member has to show the identity recognized by NSSF. In case of the emergency, the patient can access the service at the nearest health facilities. If those health facilities haven’t signed an agreement with NSSF, the patient or representative shall inform promptly NSSF."

For more details about Health Care Benefit, please refer to the Ministry’s announcements linked below:

-       Announcement in Khmer

-       Announcement in English 

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