ADW | Bavarian machinery industry delegation to Cambodia

A Bavarian machinery industry delegation is coming to Cambodia to participate in an exhibition at this year's CIMIF (Cambodia International Machinery Industry Fair) on Koh Pich.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday, August 21st. at 9am, and is open to the public throughout the weekend. It is the first time that a significant group of German businesses from the industry exhibits in Cambodia.

Please also join us for a workshop hosted by Bayern International, the Bavarian international investment development agency:

"Accelerating industrialization in Cambodia - Bavarian cooperation offers for a sustainable industrial infrastructure" at CIMIF conference area, on Saturday, August 22nd, from 2pm to 4pm.

Bavaria has a globally leading experience in the sustainable development of industrial and high-tech related sites, rural areas and agricultural value chains. Via individual “Site Development Programs”, Bavaria works together with emerging and upcoming countries and regions in order to jointly develop projects in the fields of planning, construction and management of industrial parks, sustainable city development and the creation of a highly attractive social infrastructure, support of business innovation and R&D activities, public and private service offers and reliable supply chain management.
The workshop will demonstrate showcases of sustainable industrial sites, structural planning, technical infrastructure and environmental monitoring systems. Participants are invited to discuss challenges and opportunities for Bavarian-Cambodian development partnerships with the Bavarian delegation members throughout the weekend.

For more information, please visit the website of Bayern International.

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