Bumrungrad Health Briefs #21: Osteoporosis: Strengthening Bones through Prevention and Effective Management

Osteoporosis: Strengthening Bones through Prevention and Effective Management

Osteoporosis, a condition often undetected until a fracture occurs, significantly impacts bone health, especially in the elderly. Effective prevention and management are crucial for maintaining bone strength.

Incorporating calcium into your diet and vitamin D supplement is vital for bone health. Engaging in weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises also plays a crucial role. These practices are particularly important for women and men over 50. Additionally, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol intake can help mitigate risk factors.

Early detection through bone density tests is crucial for managing osteoporosis effectively. The specialists at the Bumrungrad Endocrinology Clinic recommend starting these tests for individuals with normal risk levels at age 65 for women and 70 for men. Identifying osteoporosis early allows for timely interventions, reducing the risk of fractures and further complications.

Ongoing care and lifestyle adjustments are critical to managing osteoporosis. The Endocrinology Clinic at Bumrungrad International Hospital excels at providing expert care. With a team of seasoned endocrinologists and state-of-the-art medical technology, the clinic offers comprehensive and personalized treatment plans. They focus on optimizing bone health through a blend of advanced medical treatments and lifestyle modification strategies, tailored to each patient's unique health profile.

Osteoporosis is not an inevitable part of aging. With proactive measures and the specialized care available at Bumrungrad's Endocrinology Clinic, achieving stronger bones and better overall health is a realistic goal. The clinic is dedicated to supporting patients on their path to improved bone health, ensuring a higher quality of life.

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Provided by Dr. Nopawan Kittivat

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