Press Release on “Towards an ESCO Association in Cambodia: Challenges and Opportunities”

Thank you to all those who attended EuroCham and GGGI’s forum “Towards an ESCO Association in Cambodia: Challenges and Opportunities” at Factory Phnom Penh on 30 September.

The event gathered private and public sector representatives in the energy sector to discuss the viability of establishing an ESCO system in Cambodia – a network of energy service companies that could help finance the ongoing energy transition in Cambodia.

The welcome speech was provided by Victor Jona, the Under Secretary of State of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, as he described the current energy landscape in Cambodia, and expressed the government’s commitment to promoting a more sustainable energy mix in the future, supported by the goverment's National Energy Efficiency Policy 2020-2030.

Rogier Masnvielt, Project Lead for GGGI’s EU Switch-Garment Project, presented his case for an ESCO environment and UNDP Technical Advisor on Energy Butchaiah Gadde presented UNDP's "ESCO Market Roadmap" white paper, highlighting areas where both the private and public sector could benfit from an ESCO association in Cambodia.

Also at the event, UNDP and EuroCham officially announed its MoU, a key part of which includes helping Cambodia achieve its sustainable development goals by 2030.

Thank you to our speakers, including:

  • GIZ integrated sustainability expert at EuroCham, Massmiliano Troppeano;
  • Olivier Duguet, Founder and CEO of The Blue Circle;
  • Sonali Davaratne, Deputy Resident Representive of UNDP Cambodia;
  • Denis Sainte-Marie, Executive Director of EuroChaml
  • Daniel Pacheco, Co-founder and CEO of NRG Solutions
  • Alexander Ablaza, CEO of Climargy
  • Alexander Erb, Consultant at Emerging Markets Consulting, and
  • Arjen Luxwolda, Kamworks Representative

Please find the full press release here.

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