Interview with Romain Brenas, Project Director at Artelia

1. Could you please tell us about Artelia? How long have you been operating in Cambodia?

Artelia is an independent French Engineering, Project & Construction Management company thathas more than 100 years of experience in construction. The company now has more than 7,000 employees in 40 countries and has developed a strong presence in South-East Asia. Artelia Cambodia has been operating since 2012 and aims to develop the same quality of services: project and construction management, engineering design, and technical consultancy, around our different markets such as building construction, energy, environment, industry, and urban development.

2. What excites you most about doing business in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a country particularly open to foreign investors and professionals. I have been working in the country since 2010 and I have seen the encouraging evolution of the construction market through my work. Cambodia is constantly moving forward and it is very exciting to be here.

3. What are some current projects you are working on and what makes them stand out?

We are currently working on several very different projects: a very large shopping mall, a general hospital, and a 2,500 sqm store in Phnom Penh. We are also doing asset management for a solar farm in Battambang and some MEP works in an oil & gas depot near Phnom Penh. All these projects show that Cambodia’s economy is embracing retail, healthcare and (green) energies, which is great for the country and its people.

4. What are some current challenges facing your industry in Cambodia?

Cambodia is an emerging market in the construction industry. We have to be creative and find solutions as many standards have not been implemented yet. Artelia works around three main concerns: schedule, quality, and budget, and we have to balance all of them to achieve our goals. We have to deal with a different culture, different methods, and different materials. This constantly leads us to reconsider our own experience and knowledge. Another challenge and one that exists in many other sectors is that we face a very competitive employment market where there is more demand than candidates. This is the reason why Artelia insists particularly in developing human resources, training, and management.

5. Where do you hope to see your company in five years’ time?

Artelia Cambodia aims to become a reliable partner in construction consultancy and continue its development in the region. We wish to develop and manage successful projects to improve sustainability and prosperity in the country.

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