Interview with Mr. Vijay Allaham, Director of Kaizen Institute SAIN LLP

1. Could you please tell us about Kaizen Institute? How long have you been operating in Cambodia?

We at Kaizen Institute are still in the process of setting up our Cambodia office, but we have been working with a few client organizations over the past couple of years – particularly in the apparel and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors. 

2. What are the opportunities you have identified in your operation / business in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a rapidly growing economy and it has stayed resilient in the midst of a global pandemic. It continues to be an attractive destination for inward investment. While the management consulting industry is still not mature in the country, there is an increasingly greater number of organizations that are open to seeking help and guidance in improving and transforming their operations to gain a competitive advantage – particularly in ultra-competitive sectors like banking and microfinance, FMCG, and apparel. 

3. How has you company / business been affected by the pandemic? What are your strategies to overcome challenges and to become resilient?

As a consulting firm that helps our client organizations improve their operations, we are in the business of helping our client organizations become more resilient. While the pandemic has upended certain assumptions, it has also offered several new opportunities as organizations recognize the importance of continual improvement in becoming nimble, agile, and responsive to change. 

4. What are current challenges in certifying business in the Kingdom?

As I mentioned, the management consulting industry is still quite nascent in Cambodia. Very few organizations realize that investment in continual improvement, implementing best-practices, and building a culture of relentless improvement can bring significant long-term competitive advantage. But, this is bound to change slowly over a period of time as Cambodian organizations mature and further foreign investment pours into the country.

5. From your perspective, what do you think your company will look like in the next 5 or 10 years? 

Growing in Cambodia is an integral part of our strategy. We are excited to be establishing ourselves more in the region (we are starting our Vietnam operations as well). We envisage significant influx of investment in higher value-added manufacturing in Cambodia in the near future. This is a fast-developing region and we do see several opportunities to help businesses in Cambodia become more efficient, more innovative, and embrace Kaizen culture. 

We hope to play our part in helping Cambodian industry become competitive on the global stage. 

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