First Tall Buildings Forum in two years to be held Wednesday

Eurocham will host the first Tall Buildings Forum in two years on Wednesday, June 22 at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, where a wide variety of real estate industry experts from the private and public sector will dive into the post-pandemic trends shaping the future.

Legal updates, new technologies, sustainability, and the challenges and risks associated with property management will be discussed at the full-day forum, and guests will be able to network and enjoy lunch and cocktails served in Softel’s ballroom.

Simon Griffiths, the Managing Director at the Mall Company said it was a great opportunity to have an in-person event after the two-year hiatus and expects it to provide valuable insight for professionals in the industry.

“There will be a lot of detailed technical information provided by industry insiders. It will also be a great networking opportunity for industry professionals,” he said.

“It’s great to have these in-person networking events and see how everyone’s doing. We’ll be able to discuss the new challenges we’re facing and it’s a great opportunity for us to meet face-to-face again.”

During the past two years, the pandemic shifted the entire industry and the event will be chance for people to digest the shifts with an eye towards the future.

From changes in the retail sector to a looming oversupply of commercial and residential buildings, there will be plenty of interesting topics on the agenda.

In addition to Griffiths, speakers include His Excellency Dr. PEN Sophal, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction; His Excellency Dr. CHHANN Sorphal, Director-General of Construction, Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction; Mr. Michel CASSAGNES, Chairman of EuroCham Real Estate and Construction Committee, Managing Director of Archetype Cambodia; Dr. Simon VANCLIFF, Vice-Chairman of EuroCham Real Estate and Construction Committee, and CEO of Worldbridge Sport Village; Mr. Michael FREEMAN, Operations Lead -ASIA at COVA, and Charles Amar, Vice-Chairman of EuroCham Real Estate and Construction Committee, and Lawyer at the Paris Bar.

Griffiths said one of the largest shifts has happened in retail, where food and grocery and food delivery super apps have taken over and caused stores to size down as they rely more on these types of orders.

One major issue he’d like to discuss at the panel is the lack of regulation regarding collecting service charges at properties. Without regulations that enforce service fees to uphold the maintenance of properties, property management firms are exposed to higher risk as buildings often aren’t maintained.

Concerning oversupply in residential and condominium buildings, he said an interesting shift is leading to a rise in “condotels”, buildings that offer nightly rates without the amenities that typically accompany hotels.

Expect these topics and much more to be discussed in detail at the Tall Buildings Forum, an all-day affair that will bring together the leaders of the industry.

Registration is still open here.

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