Interview with Mr. Rindeth Long, the marketing & communications manager at Vespa Cambodia

What does the brand Vespa represent? 

Vespa is essentially a very iconic symbol of Italian culture. One of Europe’s most reputable modern manufacturers, the Piaggio Group, has produced high-end luxury Italian scooters such as Vespa. Since 1946 with its rich history and heritage, Vespa has represented a considerable part of the Italian way of life worldwide.

What is the story of Vespa in Cambodia?

Vespa’s presence in Cambodia is not a new thing. Either since the so-called Golden Age of Cambodia, from the 1960s until the war, Cambodians were able to witness Vespa zooming around the streets of Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, the presence of Vespa had also halted during the years of the Khmer Rouge regime.   In the late 90s up until the early 2000s, the younger generations of Cambodians were unfortunately not aware nor informed about what a Vespa is.

Vespa returned to Cambodia. How is it finding the Cambodian market?

In 2012, we had the privilege to reintroduce Vespa to Cambodian society. We initially found it quite challenging to re-establish our presence. However, as time went by and in line with the economic development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, we have seen a boom in the popularity amongst the Cambodian youth. As a result, more and more Cambodians have started to value the prestige and pride of the brand, and we would like to keep it that way and continue sharing the Italian lifestyle in the form of a Vespa in the Cambodian society.

What projects is the Vespa team working on now?

We have recently opened our newest flagship showroom in Phnom Penh.   We plan to organize regular events for our Cambodian Vespa community and fans, including our grand showroom launch in a few months. We hope to welcome everyone to any of our future events. In the meantime, to stay updated with all the latest news, promotions, and events, we invite people to follow us through our social media and website.

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