Announcement No. 039: Tax data collection in Phnom Penh

Ministry of Economy and Finance made an announcement on their web site on July 27: Beginning next month, the Ministry of Economy and Finance intends to visit all businesses in Phnom Penh to collect some basic documentation and statistical data that will help shape their future tax collection ... Read More

Announcement No 150 MIH/2016: Technical Regulation for Automotive Products

This announcement applies to any person who produces, modifies, imports, advertises or sells automotive parts and products in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This announcement will come into force within 60 days of the date of the signature, 15 June 2015.
More information ... Read More

(CAMFEBA) Inter-Ministerial Prakas No.291 on the Agreement of Using and Providing Health Service

Inter-Ministerial Prakas on the Agreement between National Social Security Fund and Health Facility for Health Care on the Use and Provision of Health Service, dated 25 July 2016 : The Prakas details the agreement to use and provide health service between National Social Security Fund and Health ... Read More

(CAMFEBA)Prakas No. 659 on Fine for Those who Violate the Labour Law

CAMFEBA has issued an announcement on Prakas No. 659: Fine for those who violate the Labour Law, dated 6th June 2016.
"The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training & Ministry of Economic and Finance have issued currently, the Joint Prakas No. 659 dated 06 June, 2016 on Monetary ... Read More

(CAMFEBA) Prakas No. 109 on Health Care Benefit

CAMFEBA has issued an announcement on Prakas No. 109: Health Care Benefit, dated 17th March 2016. "This Prakas has 13 articles and aims to prescribe the Health Care Benefit for person defined by the provision of the Labor Law.
According to this ... Read More