Nexus for Development
Sector: Non profit, Other Professional Services
Chapter: French

#33E3 Sothearos Boulevard, 
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
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Nexus is committed to opening doors for development and improving lives. Whether you are a project developer, social business, investor, or corporation, Nexus’ services can create shared value and lasting change.

Nexus offers a range of services that have successfully bolstered development projects and innovative ideas. We manage a number of funds that provide loans and assistance to scale up effective development projects and overcome common funding gaps. We offer donors and investors a seat at the table to work with us in shaping these investment tools and supporting impactful entrepreneurs. Our technical consultancy services include researching the market potential and feasibility of renewable energy projects and supporting the development of credit-generating carbon management projects. Our corporate services include the sale of high-quality carbon credits, carbon footprinting, and bespoke sustainability training.


Nexus’ story began in 2007 with a bold vision for a more equitable, accessible carbon market. Nexus was initiated by the French NGO GERES and launched by an alliance of eight development organizations from seven countries who committed to using carbon finance to tackle poverty and climate change. Since then, we have gone from strength-to-strength, extending ourselves beyond carbon while developing innovative new ways to support the growth and impact of our 17 members. We are based in Southeast Asia and collaborate with project developers and social entrepreneurs to maximize environmental and community benefits. We also work with partners around the world, creating innovative financial tools and connecting businesses with projects that are making a difference. 


Jennifer Louie
Executive Director

Justin Bergendahl
Programs Director