Sector: Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Chapter: ICBA

Rd #1239, house #4, Group 05, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

IN ASIA TRAVEL is a tour operator specialised in destinations in Asia, offering personalised and bespoke travel experiences to ensure our traveler's every need is met. Taking care of all the relevant details, we focus on satisfaction, the quality of services provided, and a responsible and ethical attitude towards the local people, culture, and nature. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the territory, we include places off the beaten track away from those covered by traditional tour operators to give our guests the opportunity to experience the authenticity of the remotest areas through contact with local populations and ethnic tribes, taking them on a journey of cultural enrichment. We are truly committed to designing socially responsible, ecological, and ethical journeys, in the respect of the inhabitants, cultural heritage, and environment, and contributing to the community at large by hiring rigorously selected local professional staff. We firmly believe in valuing the financial investment each of our clients makes in traveling and we are committed to ensuring that their experience is unforgettable and smooth, regardless of their tour style and budget.

In Asia Travel was created by a traveler for travelers, with strong passion and the precise goal of designing authentic cultural experiences and unforgettable memories.

Born in Brescia, Italy, the funder Gabriele Stoia has been traveling Asia for over 20 years out of passion and artistic and cultural interest. He left Italy a few years ago and after a long 7-month overland journey through the countries of Central Asia, he ended up in Cambodia where he currently lives.

His travel experiences and passion for art and history, together with his in-depth study of ancient Asian cultures and religions, extensive journeys in remote areas as a professional photographer of photo-ethnographic reportage published in several magazines worldwide in contact with the local population and ethnic minorities, enriched his cultural background and led him to the world of tourism as an expert travel guide and later as a Tour Operator.

He then founded In Asia Travel, using his knowledge of the territories to customise and take care of detailed unconventional travel itineraries to guarantee memorable travel experiences. The Company has grown rapidly over the years, extending its operations to numerous Asian countries and collaborating with numerous operators abroad, and is still fully engaged in the search for new exciting routes off the beaten track.