Fair Farms Co., Ltd
Sector: Agriculture and Agro-Industry
Chapter: French

Kampot, Cambodia 
  • +(855) 96 270 2831


Fair Farms is producing Kampot pepper and Vanilla tahitensis. They export 100% of production and are the market leader in France, where they are distributed in more than 2000 shops and restaurants. 

We believe in the UN SDGs and are involved in various social projects. They fight for gender equality, inclusion, access to education and healthcare, protection of the environment, no child or forced labor. They work with experts on the protection of biodiversity and especially the protection of the giant bees of Cambodia. Fair Farms is a proud partner of the Bayon School in Siem Reap.  

Fair Farms is currently working on an agroforestry and reforestation project in Cambodia. We welcome any help so feel free to reach out to us! 


Fair Farms has been incorporated in Cambodia in 2014. Since their inception, they have been working on developing a business that would protect the environment and enhance the livelihood of the communities working with us.  

Fair Farms is the leader in organic and Fair-Trade pepper in the Kingdom of Cambodia. In 2021, Fair Farms was recognized as the company with the best corporate social and environmental practices of the Kingdom of Cambodia. They are extremely proud of this recognition and will keep working on topics such as inclusion, gender equality, access to education and healthcare, and protection of the environment.  

Fair Farms is currently expanding and is part of the PRISME program. PRISME is a new, innovative, and best-in-class Entrepreneurship Program aiming to build, develop and empower impact-driven Enterprises – hybrid organizations blending business with a mission and combining an unwavering focus on meeting societal needs with entrepreneurial energy and market discipline to prove that making a profit and having positive impacts on society are not mutually exclusive ideas. They are inclusive, environmentally sensitive, and use the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for decision-making and actions. Khmer Enterprise, Oxfam, and Platform Impact initiated this project.