Sector: Retail, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate, Healthcare
Chapter: French

Palm village – Phum Trapaing Ses – Khum Kouk Jork - Siem Reap – Cambodia – 17251
  • 089845770
  • www.kambionature.com


Kambio Nature is a company of natural beauty products and essential oils made in Cambodia. We are active in three sectors:

  1. BtoB. Distributor for professionals.
  2. BtoC.
  3. We make our own essential oils and we offer workshops on how to distil essential oils, how to roll your own Cambodian incense, and soon workshops on how to make lip balms and others. 3.We make our own essential oils and offer discovery workshops in our facility in Siem Reap.


KAMBIO NATURE is a family owned company founded in 2015.

We create hospitality and organic beauty products made in Cambodia, formulated by French experts.


Ms. Vincent Margot
CEO & Marketing Director

078 576 243
Ms. Vincent Anne Sophie

092 226 694