EGPI Engineering
Sector: Engineering
Chapter: French

#36, Street 208, Khan Daun Penh Phnom Penh, 12211
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EMENDA / EGPI is located in France (Nantes, Rennes, Paris) and in Cambodia and has around thirty engineers and senior technicians specializing in MEP but also thermal, fluids, acoustics and the energy effiency of buildings, energy or industrial systems. We operates with two brands, EMENDA! in France and its international brand dedicated to large and international projects EGPI (for Emenda Grands Projets & Industrie) on a wide spectrum of markets, from:

  • Thermal, fluids, energy, environmental studies, simulation and audits
  • Construction of buildings (tertiary, industry, hospitality)
  • Construction of large public infrastructures (airports in particular) as part of public or private contracts or consultancy mission, project management, project execution. With experience in operations of various sizes and complexity (up to € 100 million 7 m2 and 77,000 m²) in France and abroad (Morocco, Dubai, Nepal), through EGPI we intend to develop an export activity.
  • Energy renovation of buildings: residential buildings (mainly 60-70’ buildings) and zero-energy renovation type (ex. : EnergySprong) by democratizing access to as many people as possible with prefabrication technologies



◾ MEP Design (basic, detailed, shop drawings etc.)
◾ Project management (site supervision, certifications, drainage, etc.)
◾ Energy efficiency (new, renovation, retrofit, etc.)
◾ Energy solutions (photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, etc.)
◾ Simulation (BIM, Pleiades , etc.)



Our first client in Cambodia is VINCI Construction Grands Projets, which placed its trust in us for the basic and detailed MEP design of the new Sihanoukville terminal in Cambodia.


Mr. Garcia Vincent
General Manager Asia

Mr. Garcia Mathieu

Mr. Peron Ildud