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From fragrance to memories!

Signature Asia - also known as Ambience Signature specializes in Ambient Scenting, Scent Marketing, and Odor Control.

Our Fragrance:

We have over 35,000 different types of fragrance made from fresh organic plant and other (high quality natural raw materials. Our fragrances are certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA ).

Our Technology:

We use an advanced, patented fragrance delivery technology called Cold & Dry Nebulization; a natural dispenser that is free of solvents, propellants, or degenerating Volatile organic compound (VOC) which could cause many health issues. We use the same technology that is being used with oxygen tanks to disperse our signature scents to suit our client’s needs.

Our Machines:

Our smaller model is suitable for areas up to 600m3, such as for conference rooms or small shops. Our larger model links to the Heat, Air Ventilation, and Cooling system (HAVC  ) and can be used in areas up to 10,000m3 , such as for lobbies, showrooms, ballrooms, fitness centers, shopping malls, and wedding hall.            

Our Monthly Subscription Package:

Includes fragrance consultation, machine installation, regular perfume refill and machine maintenance.


Signature Asia integrates centuries of French knowledge of scents and perfumes with the latest, patented technologies to create an inviting environment that will encourage visitors to linger and gives them an enhanced perception of your brand and company. 

We are based in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. The company has been successful since 2013 and remains strong to this day. We work with a range of businesses, scaling from airports, international hotel chains, to boutique, and family run stores.


Mr. Maxime Roussillon

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Ms. Serenade Say
Managing Director

+855 95 600 552 / +855 86 254 999