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BEE Incorporations is a multi-national consultancy company headquartered in Asia. We deliver sustainability solutions for green and healthy buildings worldwide. We provide building certification and corporate wellness consulting, monitoring & testing, and green materials solutions for projects across all sectors and scales.

BEE provides a range of services including:

  • Green Building Consulting Services: Our team will execute the work necessary to carry out projects under the leading green building and health & wellness certification programs including LEED, BEAM, China 3-Star, LBC, RESET, WELL, EDGE, and ARC Certifications - from project application, credit documentation, and energy calculations to final submission. We also offer energy modelling, thermal and daylight analysis and commissioning services as part of our green building consulting services or as individual services.
  • Intelligent Building Management: We provide a cloud-based real-time management system that allows our team to analyze different aspects of indoor spaces. From Energy Consumption to Air Quality Analysis, we make sure that the building´s indoor space has the best environment for its inhabitants. We also provide energy auditing in accordance with ASHRAE standard and support our clients to implement energy saving measures.
  • Green Materials Solutions & Trading: We source the most optimal building component solutions and sustainable materials, locate suppliers, conduct manufacturer evaluation, product quality control, and find the materials on time and within given budgets. We also provide contractors with tendering requirements and suitable ranges in material specifications required by LEED, WELL, RESET, etc.

BEE can help you to improve your business’ or project’s social, environmental, and economic impact – thus making the venture a quality investment.


Why to design, constructs and operate buildings more sustainably? 

Green buildings provide a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment to their occupants while reducing the negative impacts on the environment. This is achieved by optimizing energy, water and material use during design and operation. It is demonstrated that green buildings sell and rent quicker and have higher sales prices. 

BEE’s difference

We bring added value to your project and your clients through our longstanding experience as green building consultant. We offer a free certification gap analysis to see what green building certification level your planned project or existing building could achieve. We also offer other relevant services like energy assessment, energy audit, waste and water audits, sustainability reporting and health & wellbeing services


Dr. Susanne Bodach
Managing Director, Cambodia

Mr. Alessandro Bisagni
Founder & President