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Chapter: French

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Yekowave is the first ethical sportswear brand, promoting a new eco-friendly lifestyle in Cambodia. We like to spread the love of nature and sports through sustainable products.

The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Therefore, with like-minded people, we aim to create an alternative solution making a positive impact on the environment.

We are very proud to offer products made of organic and recycled fibers with excellent performance benefits: naturally breathable, comfortable, and super soft.


We are 2 entrepreneurs, living in Cambodia for more than a year after a couple of years in China,  with experience in the Garment Industry, Marketing, and Business Management.

Being sports-lovers and passionate about the environment, we have noticed that the sustainable offer in the sports market is very limited in Cambodia. So we decided to live our passion, through establishing an eco-friendly product line to promote the sports practice in an environmentally responsible manner. We want to share our values, such as transparency, keeping a healthy lifestyle, and help the Cambodian Community grow!

Sales are starting in Summer 2020 in Cambodia before expanding internationally end of the year.


Ms. Dhikra Yagoubi
Founder/ CEO - Head of Operations

+855 89 412 548
Mr. Christophe Arathoon
Co-founder - Head of Marketing & Partnerships

+855 965 921 101