K-BOX Solution Co., Ltd
Sector: Energy, Manufacturing / Industry & Engineering / Conglomerate
Chapter: French

8H Street 1, Borey Mongkol, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • +855 97 740 8080


K-Box Solution Co. Ltd produces complex steel structures and exports shipping containers that have been modified to provide innovative solar solutions worldwide. As a member of the BIC (Bureau International des Containers) and a fully licensed Cambodian Company, K-Box Solution Co. Ltd work with Domestic and International Companies and Organizations to design and deliver precise Engineering solutions working predominantly with steel and targeting the sustainable energy sector, manufactured in Cambodia.


K-Box Solution Co. Ltd was founded in 2018. In its early months K-Box Solution would produce a few solar-modified shipping containers per month, but now the highly skilled production line is able to deliver in excess of 20 containers per month and over the past year has successfully delivered 5.8 Megawatts of solar solutions globally. Now with an expanding workforce of over 50 staff and a dedication to sustainable energy, K-Box Solution Co. Ltd., is delivering a variety of engineering projects including the first ram-pump project in Cambodia, replacing diesel water pumps with hydraulic ram pumps that use zero fossil fuel and produce zero emissions.


Mr. Yvon Chalm
CEO & Chairman

+855 97 740 80 80
Ruari Cox

+855 70 348 348