Sector: Real Estate & Construction, Agro-Industry, Energy
Chapter: Direct EuroCham

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Soma Group has ten companies, with core focus on six business sectors: Infrastructure, Agriculture, Trading, Education, ICT & Media and Hospitality & Real Estate. Our Group works closely with our member companies to provide strategic business services ranging from Finance, Business Development, Human Resources and Communications.

Soma Group is always looking ahead to understand the economic and societal changes that will shape our business in the future and ensure that we move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. Recently we have expanded our operations and added two new subsidiary companies, taking the Group from eight to ten companies. We welcomed on board, Soma Kobelco Water Supply and C.A.D.I. Both of these companies are a JV with international organizations from Japan and Thailand bringing wealth of expertise, knowledge and international operating procedures.

For two decades, Soma Farm has worked to maximize the quality of its farm and livestock, bringing healthy and delicious products to our customers, including beef, eggs, coconuts and our specialty product, Soma Rice. Our focus is high-tech production and international health and hygiene standards for the most fresh, delicious, local and sustainable products.

Our commercial Real Estate & Hospitality interests are taking shape when Soma Group broke ground on the new Soma Hotel project in 2018. This venture is located on Phnom Penh's riverside and is set to transform and help regenerate the local area.

Meanwhile, our Soma Energy business that began with a focus on renewable energy has expanded to Energy solutions. We now provide backup power generators for commercial buildings and industrial zones as well as other energy solutions. In 2019, we are renewing our commitment to more sustainable energy sources by developing a 1.5 MW ground mounted solar project in Kampong Thom.

Our current diversified interests also include CPTL a power transmission line company as well as the University of Puthisastra and Soma Trading. We believe that local expertise and insight combined with international business standards encourage more strategic decisions and ensures operational efficiency.


Founded in 2007, the SOMA Group companies focus on key sectors which have high impact for the people of Cambodia, including Agriculture, Education, Infrastructure, ICT & Media and Hospitality & Real Estate. We believe by investing in these sectors we can work towards our vision to create a better future in Cambodia. 

Soma Group started as and remains a committed employer in the agriculture sector, a key driver of Cambodia’s current and future economy.

Soma Farm and C.A.D.I contribute world-class technological solutions and practices to the agricultural sector. We operate on a large-scale to have a significant and lasting impact in improving agricultural productivity, food security and the welfare of Cambodian farmers.

The University of Puthisastra (UP), founded in 2007, is  a leading, internationally recognised University offering courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Midwifery, Pharmacy, Lab Technology and IT.

Soma Property and Development was established as part of Soma Groups Hospitality & Real Estate Division in 2018. The new Division aims to bring Soma’s vast experience and proven successes to Cambodia’s booming tourism and property sectors. 

Soma Group’s ICT and Media Division is actively involved in bringing the latest and most innovative technologies to Cambodia.  SM Waypoint is one of Soma Group's high-technology companies specializing in state of the art precision remote sensing across a variety of civil and commercial sectors. Soma Trading began exporting rice in 2011 and is known as a reliable trader and exporter of the best quality rice, fruits and other local produce from Cambodia.  

In 2018, Soma Trading extended its operations to import premium quality F&B products into Cambodia. We are now working with international brands including, Papatonk, OWL coffee, Super CoffeeO'Garlos and Hokka biscuits to name but a few.

With more international premium F&B brands looking to distribute in Cambodia, including OCK-DONG-JA Seaweed launching in 2019, Soma Trading is fast becoming the go to local partner.


Ms. Ung Nary
Chief Financial Officer

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Deputy Chief Operation Officer

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Ms. Lucinda Revell
Chief Corporate Development

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