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Green Yellow is a French company specialized in energy management services, notably in Solar Solutions and Energy Efficiency Solutions. We develop turnkey projects including EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M and can offer financing solutions covering up to 100% of the required investment. 

The energy efficiency solutions combine the modernization of electrical consuming equipment (HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, boilers, motors, pumps) with an automatic and customized energy management system (IoT). Thus, Green Yellow maximizes savings with highly efficient equipment operated under optimal conditions, at all time (between 10% and 30% reduction of energy consumption). 

Additionally, Green Yellow Monitoring Center ensures that energy savings are maintained, every day. This know-how allows GreenYellow to fully guarantee energy savings. 

Green Yellow covers all required investment. The generated savings are shared between Green Yellow and the client. This scheme ensures a net reduction of energy costs to our client, without any investment.

Solar solutions can be implemented on the ground or on rooftops and are designed to provide clean energy at a competitive rate. Green Yellow can either sell the plant to the client, or sell the energy generated by the plant over a long-term agreement.


Green Yellow was created in France in 2007, as a subsidiary of Group Casino (French retailer) and is now located in 10 countries with more than 200 energy experts worldwide. Over the past 10 years, Green Yellow has developed more than 1,000 energy efficiency projects and more than 60 solar plants around the world. In Asia, the regional head office is located in Thailand since 2014 and Green Yellow opened an office in Cambodia in March 2017.


Raphael Beton
Business Development Manager Cambodia

+855 99 325 742
Frank Glück
CEO Asia Pacific

+66 (0) 866 088 188