Sevea Co., Ltd
Sector: Agriculture and Agro-Industry, Energy and Mines , Consultancy and Other Professional Services
Chapter: French

 #7, Street 496, Phsar Doeum Tkov, Phnom Penh


Sevea Co ., Ltd is a Cambodia-based development consultancy offering strategic, implementational and operational support to businesses, organisations, and governments that seek to develop their impact strategies in the clean energy, WASH and rural development sector in developing countries. Sevea gained its experience and knowledge by carrying out a large variety of missions globally, including but not limited to: 

  • Market, sector and policy analysis 
  • MSME acceleration and fundraising 
  • Technology incubation and demonstration 
  • Project evaluation, impact assessment, and M&E 
  • Programme design, implementation and management 
  • Training, capacity building and change management


Since its inception in 2014, Sevea has managed to build up a strong experience and vast knowledge in carrying out a large variety of missions across South East Asia, South Asia, West Africa, and Pacific.

We work closely with our clients to create, develop and ensure lasting social & environmental impact through a market-based approach. We combine business acumen with a deep understanding of Bottom-of-the-Pyramid markets to bring the support our clients deserve.

Our approach integrates four focal points:

  • Result-oriented: Thinking operationally to make effective change happen
  • Tailored: Targeted high-value response to each of our clients
  • Bottom-up-bottom: From the field to the decision makers then back to the field for implementation
  • Holistic: Building an inclusive ecosystem to create links between all actors


Ms. Cécile Dahomé
Executive Director

+855 10 326 193
Mr. Cyril Monteiller
Executive Director

+855 69 942 765