Experience Smart Change
Sector: Consulting, Education & Training
Chapter: German

Sala Komroek Village, Sala Komroek Commune, Siem Reap City/Province
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  • http://www.experiencesmartchange.com/


We provide turn key solutions for management retreats, seminars and team building activities.

Whether it is inefficient processes or unfitting organization, at the end it is all about the people how much they are productive and motivated to establishing organization’s goals and ideals and implementing them. We are here to facilitate the involvement of leadership team, organizational teams or other key leaders within your organization. We empower customers in achieving substantial improvement in business and private life.



After 10 years successful China/Shanghai business Wolfgang and Anita Weiss decided to apply their knowledge and expertise in their own company. In March 2017 Experience Smart Change has been registered as a Sole Proprietorship business from the Ministry of Commerce.


WEISS Wolfgang

+855 10934115

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