Sector: Textile / Garment
Chapter: French

75-81, Charles de Gaulle Avenue Charming City, Borei Prem Prey, Siem Reap, 12000, Cambodia
  • +85512965207


Personal Fashion Brand producing Woman Clothing, Fashion Accessories as well as Men Clothing, made with hand made silk that mainly produced at our Couture House, based in Siem Reap with around 30 Cambodians high skills employees. We also provided made to measures clothing orders, Weeding Dresses, Evening Dresses, and one of a kind dresses.


Parisian trained for Textile Design and High fashion Industry. Good knowledge for Home Decor Design for Individual property or Luxury Hotel for Design Consulting and Ideas as well as Luxury Hotel uniforms Design Conception and also Design Consulting fro Fashion School and Textile Design and Fashion Trends Conception.


Eric Raisina Le Bras
Textile and Fashion Designer

Monika Soeun
Shop Manager and Personal Assistant