Monaparady Co. Ltd – Pharmacie de la Gare
Sector: Healthcare, Retail
Chapter: Direct EuroCham

124 EO, Boulevard Preah Monivong – Sangkat Sras Chork – Phnom Penh - Cambodia
  • +855 92 711 771 / +855 93 711 771


Pharmacie de la Gare, an enterprise of Monaparady, dedicates itself to serving Cambodian and Resident population.  It has provided healthcare and medicines for the past 24 years in Cambodia.  It puts a lot of means into the quality of its products by a better conservation and a strict traceability. Its quality is also about its services at the counter and an accurate counselling. A delivery service and two hotlines are available for the comfort of our clientele.

Serving faster and more efficiently our loyal clientele is our motto.  Three fully qualified pharmacist are posted at the counter with a support and attentive health team and interns are looking after our treasured customers and delivery orders.  Pharmacie de la Gare is your family healthcare. 



Established in 1994, the Pharmacie de la Gare (a brand of Monaparady) remains dedicated to serve Phnom Penh population as well its growing clientele located in the provinces. True to its philosophy, Pharmacie de la Gare aims to provide good care and health counseling with qualified pharmacists. It offers a wide range of high quality medicines and para-medical products. In September 2016, the pharmacy has rejuvenated its facility with a modern touch, better technology, an even wider range of medicines and products from leading brands and improved the training standard of our staff. More than ever, the Pharmacie will continue to serve at its best its clientele and ensuring that medicine prescribed can be purchased at once. 



Mona TEP
Managing Director

+855 12 72 12 43
Pealina HUOT
Technical Manager

+855 92 33 03 00