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Welcome to Young Development Research & Consulting, Co. Ltd

Young Development Research & Consulting Co., Ltd registered with the Ministry of Commerce and provides high quality consultancy services to both Cambodian and international organizations within the development sector.

Our consulting services aim to help organizations  cope with  challenges in social development monitoring and evaluation, and all types of social research by providing effective locally- and regionally-focused consultancy services to clients within both the non-profit and private sectors. Our services cover research, design, management, planning, monitoring and evaluation, final impact assessments, and organizational development in the following interdisciplinary fields: agriculture, infrastructure, community development, political science, human rights, governance, gender and public health, and other development and policy related areas.

At Young Development Research & Consulting, Co. Ltd, we have a strong and dynamic team of highly qualified and experienced consultants from a variety of backgrounds including Psychology, Anthropology, Geography, Agriculture, Public Health, Political Science, Sociology, and Development Studies. Our specialists have successfully provided consultancy services to small, medium, and large-scale development projects and programs in Cambodia and also throughout the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), South East Asia, Africa, and Middle East. Our dynamic team has experience of working with international NGOs and international development agencies such as the European Union, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, and also bilateral or multilateral projects.


To become a leading, high quality development and business consulting firm in the Cambodia and Asian development.


We bring positive change to organizations and communities by providing high quality consultancy services, and using highly experienced local and international consultants with a wide range of skills and expertise based on both direct and partnership arrangements.


To bring positive changes in people’s lives, as well as social reforms and business growth. We make great efforts to assist families and community-based organizations develop sustainably while following the principles of participatory planning and research and inclusive consultation. We aim in all we do to get at the core of community concerns, and to uncover issues that are often poorly understood in order to promote inclusive development and good governance.

our services:

  1. Project management consulting and technical assistance (TA). Provide management consultant resources of both key experts and non-key experts to project inputs.
  2. Project identification and preparation. Initial screening of projects, propose measures to solve problems, establish the project concept, assess the priority, examine consistency with the master plan, consider the adequacy of the Executing Agency and stakeholders; estimate approximate project cost; and  assessment of the feasibility of impacts on the geographical.  
  3. Social Research and Data management consultant. We provide wide rank of research of both qualitative and quantitative research to support social and business development. We focus on quality results and how our clients will use the information to make policy and program decisions. We employ paper-based, offline and online tablets for data collection. We use a flexible and popular data analysis software as was Stata, SPSS, EpiData.
  4. Program Development planning. We provides developmental consultancy services includes project planning, design logical framework, development model guideline, capacity building, and sectors technical support
  5.  Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Design monitoring and evaluation system, monitoring and evaluation framework, monitoring and evaluation tools, method, database and data management, M&E report, and routine M&E data collection.
  6. Program Evaluation. We provide a full range of evaluation services that measure the processes, performance, and impacts of global development projects. We produce rigorous evaluations with a focus on providing useful information for decision-making. We serve our client for project performance review, baseline study, mid-term evaluation, and end line evaluation, impact evaluation
  7.  Data Quality Audit, development strategic Information Analysis. We keep your project tracking result and improve your project output and effectiveness. 
  8. Social Impact Assessment (SIA). Provide a rigorous impact evaluations of global development projects to determine their true effects. Our experts design experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations using qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  9.  Gender conceptual analysis and mainstreaming into development planning.  Our gender experts provide analytical on interlinked concepts of gender, gender analysis, gender mainstreaming and gender-sensitive indicators within the development context.
  10. Policy review and analysis. Our policy experts analyze any relevant information that could inform the policy development and review as to whether a rule, policy, procedure and/or guideline is required and the degree to which it accords with regional and countries strategic plan
  11. Social safeguard and Resettlement. Our experts design and conduct Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), develop a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), and Environmental Social Management Framework (ESMF)
  12. Environmental, climate change, resilience studies, and development planning. Climate resilience mainstreaming into development planning. Our experts serve  consultancy on air pollution control, water treatment, and energy recovery system provider to the global manufacturing sector and industrial markets
  13. Marketing Research and Business Consultant. We enhance your business through consumer knowledge and business strategy. We provides strategic information for business marketing planning and improve sale performance. We collect and report on your customers/clients behavior toward your business activities.
  14. Design and implementation of social marketing, behavioral change community and information education communication
  15. Knowledge product management and dissemination, engagement of project best practice learning and sharing
  16. Training and capacity building services.  We provide a wide rank of training and capacity building services direct and indirect to client organization. We provide a short course up to six months



Mr. Young Pheak
President and CEO

Dr. Sokphea Young
Social Deve /Resettlement Expert

Mr. Se Bunleng
Project Manager

Mr. Preap Prathna
Project Manager

Ms Houy Vannareth
Project Manager

Ms. Tieng Chansopheap
Project Manager

Rang Chandary
Data Analysis Manager

Ms. Mok Somany
Public Health Consultant