Teuk Saat 1001 (NGO)
Sector: Non profit, Consumer Goods, Retail
Chapter: French

Nº. 100, Street 95, Sangkat Boeung Trabek, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • 023 215 427
  • www.teuksaat1001.com


TEUK SAAT 1001 operates a platform-based technical assistance service to a wide network of local social entrepreneurs operating water kiosks.

Through an MoU with the Ministry of Rural Development of Cambodia, TEUK SAAT 1001 is building, equipping and operating a network of community-based water kiosks. To date, under the O-we social-franchise, 240 kiosks are supplying safe drinking water to 770,000 persons daily in 18 Cambodian provinces.

The water is delivered on a home-delivery scheme, packaged in 20 liters refillable bottles and sold at an affordable price.

The objective is to develop and reinforce the links between rural communities through the involvement of districts (Srok) and Communes (Khum), local entrepreneurs and international aid in a sustainable and efficiently controlled manner.

Strong hygiene procedures and continuous water quality monitoring enables delivering the highest standard of clean drinking water.

Additionally, TEUK SAAT 1001 is implementing a School Program funded by 1001 fontaines allowing more than 700 primary schools and 280,000 children to have access to O-we water for free all school year.


TEUK SAAT 1001 is a Cambodian non-governmental organization created as an offshoot of the French NGO 1001fontaines dedicated to deliver access to safe drinking water in rural areas in developing countries.


Mr. Frederic Dubois
Executive Director

+855 (0) 15 777 964
Ms. Stephanie Seng
Partnership & Development Manager

+855 (0) 81 777 035