Total Cambodge
Primary Sector:
  • Energy and Mines
Secondary Sector:
  • Energy
Chapter: French Chapter (CCIFC)

ANINA Building, 6th floor, #240, Street 271, B.P. 600, 12351 Phnom Penh
  • +855 23218630


Total Cambodge (TC) is an affiliate of Total Group. Total is the world’s fourth largest oil and gas company, with more than $171 billion in revenue and 98,000 employees in more than 130 countries. TC has been officially operating in Cambodia since 1993. Throughout the country, TC has been involved in marketing various petroleum products and services to its customers in both the private and public sectors. TC offers a range of products and services, 85 service stations for road fuels (Gasoline and diesel) with over 30 convenience stores (Bonjour Shops), Industrial fuels, aviation fuels and lubricants. In addition, the TOTAL Club Card is a convenient way to make and manage fuel purchases.  TC possesses and continues to invest in high standard storage facilities for road and aviation fuels alike. We also provide other essential services such as used oil analysis, tank installations and bulk deliveries to many of our Commercial customers. Each day we serve thousands of customers. We know them well, because we have a widespread presence and never take our eye off their needs. It’s the only way to offer ever more innovative, high- quality solutions.


Total’s ambition is “to become a responsible energy major”, wherever we operate. TC, in line with the value and principal framed by its code of conduct and ethic chapter of the Group, places societal commitment at the core of its responsibility. TC engages in a wide range of CSR activities within the framework of four levers:

Road Safety
Forests and Climate
Youth inclusion and education
Cultural dialogue and heritage
Road safety is the prime pillar of TC’s CSR policy. As a player in the mobility sector, Total Cambodge has been promoting Road Safety, especially since 2013, raising awareness among thousands of Cambodians. TC’s transport organization, with fleet of PATROM standard trucks and highly trained professionals, is setting the benchmark for safe operations. TC has also been contributing by offering scholarships to deserving students, access to cleaner energy for poor students, preservation of cultural heritage, sponsoring clean energy events, promoting startups, participating in making Cambodia clean events, creating awareness against fatal diseases like Aids and Rabies etc.

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