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Building (16, 17, 18), #1, Kampong Krabei, Svay Por, Battambang, Battambang 
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Dewey International Co., LTD is proud to be fulfilling the educational needs of the Western region of Cambodia, with children aged from only 12 months to university students. We have recently expanded our childcare campuses, and grade 1-12 school campuses in both Battambang and in Cambodia’s northern province of Banteay Meanchhey. The company has built notable connections with international education institutions abroad, local and international organizations, and private entities via MOUs and MOA signing, including North America, Europe, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

The company’s brand name is trusted, now not only for education services, but also E-commerce, tourism and hospitality, real estate, financial services, and imports and exports which are being professionally operated in a very innovative four-floor building (building #16, 17 and 18, Street One), located along the well-known Sangke river in a picturesque location in the historical city of Battambang. This centre for business excellence houses our Study Abroad and Testing Centre Services, as well as being the ideal location for workshops, special events, and classes such as our IELTS preparation course. Battambang is the second largest city in Cambodia with a population of more than 1 million people in the Province. Dewey International Co., LTD has the potential to serve over 4 million people in the western region of Cambodia alone. 



Dewey International Company Limited was founded in January 2010 by a group of educators from the United States of America, Germany, and Cambodia to run a uni¬versity named Dewey International University (DIU) under government sub decree No 16 signed by the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Samdech Hun Sen. Dewey International Co., LTD was also set up in order to provide foreign lan¬guage programs and job oriented diplomas. Another purpose of Dewey International Co., LTD was to run a K-12 school named Dewey International School (DIS) under Prakas No. 102 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport signed by the Minister. Due to Dewey International Co., LTD’s firm commitment to provide only trusted and quality educational services it soon gained the support and trust of the surrounding local community, and has gradually expanded its educational services including a second Childcare Centre for Battambang, known as the Sessor campus in 2017 and a Childcare campus in Banteay Meanchey in 2016. There are now two new DIS K-12 schools in Battambang, DIS Elite which opened in 2015 and the Ochar campus which opened in time for the new school year in 2017. The Ochar campus is the home of uni¬versity and foreign language programs too. A unique Kindergarten only campus was established by DI in 2016 in Battambang DI has now penetrated the western region markets in other business areas such as E-commerce, tourism and hospitality, real estate, financial services, and imports and exports, The company was officially reg¬istered by the Ministry of Commerce Cambodia in December 2015 with a certificate of incorporation No. Co 4359KH/2015 as Dewey International Co., LTD.

The title ‘Dewey’ was very carefully chosen, the company was named for John Dewey an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been extremely influential in education. By adapting John Dewey’s theory ‘Learning by Doing’ our own educational and business philosophy was born.


Our vision:

Dewey International Co., LTD will be a leading global company in education, services and product-based business.

Our mission:

We are committed to offer only trusted education, services and products to make life easier for our customers in terms of each individual’s peace, progress and prosperity.


Khem Reaksmey
Founder & CEO

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Senghuong Chhuon
Vice President for Administration

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Koy Sideth
Finance Manager

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