BETA & Partners
Sector: Consulting, Other Professional Services
Chapter: French

No. 16E1, Street 370, Phnom Penh
  • +855 23 221 548


BETA & Partners Co., Ltd is the 1st consulting firm exclusively dedicated to SME and Start-up businesses in the areas of Finance (Accounting), Tax and General Management. BETA offers practical consulting services as well as yearly outsourcing solutions and/or support services engagement in the following areas:

Finance Practice:

    Budget (P&L, Cash Flow)
    Business Plan
    Bookkeeping outsourcing
    CFO outsourcing

Tax Practice:

    Tax review
    Tax preparation
    Tax planning
    Tax audit

Management Practice:

    Standard Operations Procedures
    Downsizing and U-turn


Our management team consists of Senior Consultants who have both significant professional experience and seasoned entrepreneurship background. This mix allows BETA to provide tailored-made solutions to SME and Start-up businesses which are looking for flexibility and ready-to-go solutions at affordable packaged prices.

BETA aims to support businesses which can't go to international consulting/audit firms and/or don't trust local boutique firms or agents. As such, BETA's  added-value and success is at this crossroad offering the best of both worlds: proven business practices that encourage quality and flexibility with affordable pricing solutions.



Nychan MA (Ms)
Managing Partner

+855 (0) 12 755 151