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Morn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Sustinat Green Co., Ltd is duly registered under the Cambodian Law, and accredited as an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Consulting Firm by the Ministry of Environment - “N. 687 Sor.Chor.Nor Bor.Stor”, issued date 28 July 2015.

Sustinat Green provides a broad range of services based on your needs, including:

Environmental Management Services: EIA/ESIA study, Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Environmental Monitoring Report, Environmental Protection Agreement, Preliminary Environmental and Social Survey, …

Corporate Secretary & Environmental Compliance: Acquire license/permit (discharge permit, recycling material export license, ...), Declaration of environmental report, …

Research & Study: Conduct Market Survey and Pre-feasibility study, Conduct Social and Economic Survey, Resettlement Plan and Compensation, …

Applied Green Design: Integrated Environmental Management Plan and Master Plan Design, Economic Analysis of Architectural Design, …

Sustinat Green offers you our expertise and services to satisfy your needs and meet legal requirements. We have effective multidisciplinary teamwork and extensive network in Cambodia.


Sustinat Green seeks to bring the best of international practice in Cambodia. We specialize in the field of industrial development, agroindustry, ecotourism, infrastructure, hotel, and resort development. We have in-depth knowledge of the field of agriculture, environment and mining.

By focusing on high quality services, Sustinat Green is recognized as a top 3 EIA consulting firm by the Department of EIA of the Ministry of Environment. Most importantly, Sustinat Green was accepted to be a member of sub-technical working group of the Environmental Codification.

We have successfully conducted numerous ESIA projects in over 15 different sectors. We have also worked to comply with international standard such as JICA EIA Guideline, and TOTAL Petroleum Environmental Guideline.

Our clients include JICA, Oriental Consultants Global (OCG), CTI Engineering International, and TOTAL Petroleum, etc. Further, large corporations such as PWC, Mott McDonal, Tractebel, have also contacted us to discuss potential future ESIA studies.

We believe Sustinat Green is the logical choice for your project due to our proven ability to conduct research as well as coordinate with local communities, local authorities, and government departments.



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