Sector: Advertising / Communication / Media
Chapter: French

#20 Street 558, Sangkat Boeung Kak 1, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh

  • +855 23 882 170 / +855 81 777 900

Champagne is a fully integrated advertising agency that sets itself apart from typical advertising shops in Cambodia. We’re young, and we’re not very big. And that’s made us into a very different sort of agency. Where other agencies zig, we like to zag. We outsource where other agencies in-house. But where other agencies outsource, we in-house -- like our video production facility, as we have moved from a world of making one high-budget commercial every five months to a world of making five small-budget videos every week. We generate content for our clients and our work generates conversations about our clients’ brands.

Our philosophy begins with our name. Ask most people what “Champagne” symbolizes and they’ll say “special”, “celebration”, or simply “the best”. And that is what we seek to deliver: celebrating brands, online and offline, broadcast and narrow cast, via technology or face to face. Making brands feel special, feel wanted, feel the best - to the point that people start talking about them interactively and positively.

Champagne is part of Havas Worldwide, handling local and international clients for the Cambodian market and if needed, for markets outside Cambodia.


Dannith Oung
Managing Director Champagne

+855 81777900